Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Clay Aiken

If you know me you know that I LOVE Mr. Clay Aiken. (yes people I have known since 6th grade, I still love him.) I have seen him in concert 8 times and loved every single time! This March my Dad took me to San Fran. to see this beautiful man perform.
It was a blast! I even waited after the concert to have him sign my ticket.
The first picture you can see my head right next to Clay Aiken! Secretly I almost passed out/cried at this point. Next you see my ticket with Clay Aiken's signature!
Anyway, today I have been on a Clay High and have been listening to him all day long. Well in my internet searching of Clay tonight I found a new song released to his fans for Christmas!! Woohoo!! I love Christmas!!! I love it and have listened to this song over and over again, so I am sharing it here, if you want to listen enjoy. If not you still should because it's gorgeous!