Thursday, September 30, 2010

and they lived happily ever after...

So I have told my sister-in-law Kira that I would post wedding pictures lots of times and I found some acual time to post them, enjoy some of my favorites!

We are Mr & Mrs Clark!
Cupcake dress :)
We had lots of love and support!

The most perfect day ever

My handsome hubby!

Groomsmen lookin good
The Ladies and our Shoes

The whole gang

Our awsome green shoes

We had really yummy cheesecake but we were ready to cut it and get out of there!

And our perfect wedding day came to a close :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Paying Attention...

I usually am really good at paying attention in my math class. I usually just do homework on my laptop the entire time. Today is a completely different story! I have zero attention span and just keep doing what I shouldn't be doing. It really doesn't help that I am a chapter ahead of my class, paying attention to what I already know is not a happy plan for me. Our classroom is really hot today too which makes me want to go to sleep! Alright I'm going to try and work on homework, but if I am going to be completely honest I'm just going to play bejeweled on facebook :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

decisions decisions...

I have decided that I hate having to dye my hair every month or so. The only option that leaves me with is to work on getting back to my orginial hair color, which would be blonde. Not going to lie this makes me slightly nervous! I am going to post a picture of my hair blonde, if I can find one it may be very hard, and a picture of my hair dark. Post your vote in comments :)