Thursday, September 30, 2010

and they lived happily ever after...

So I have told my sister-in-law Kira that I would post wedding pictures lots of times and I found some acual time to post them, enjoy some of my favorites!

We are Mr & Mrs Clark!
Cupcake dress :)
We had lots of love and support!

The most perfect day ever

My handsome hubby!

Groomsmen lookin good
The Ladies and our Shoes

The whole gang

Our awsome green shoes

We had really yummy cheesecake but we were ready to cut it and get out of there!

And our perfect wedding day came to a close :)


  1. Thank you!! Except I'm sad because my computer is being retarded and only pulled up some of the picture :( But I still love that you put them up!! :)

  2. I fixed them so they look better now and there are more pictures :)

  3. cute!! these pictures are so adorable. you look great sophie!

  4. Such a great day! Everything was perfect and the new couple was beautiful (especially the bride <3)