Sunday, August 22, 2010

Being Mrs. Clark :)

I know its been a very long time since I last posted but hey I got married, I had a lot to do :) The wedding was fabulous and all went well. True we did run out of food and had to go get more but only because what we chose was so good! I think the biggest hit of the entire wedding was what we had to drink...Yes that's right we had my favorite soda (diet coke) and Tommy's favorite soda (dr. pepper)!
This idea was great because Tommy and I got to have them while standing for the line, it helped us get through the crazy night. We both agree that it was very fun to see all those that came, however our favorite part was all the gifts! It was like christmas for our new house :)
For the honeymoon we went to DISNEYLAND!! Best idea ever if I do say so myself! It is such a fun vaction for just two people, I was nervous about going with just us because I'm used to being with a huge group (my fam) but it was a complete blast!
Now we are home and have been for a week! Before we got married everyone was saying how we would get home and it would be way weird to be living with each other but nither of us feel that way. It has just been a lot of fun!! It only feels weird when we do the household stuff together, one night Tommy made dinner while I did laundry, that felt kind of weird. I totally love being married though, it's the best thing ever and I got real lucky with my sweet hubby!!
Today was our first sunday back in our ward and of course I have a calling already! It's alright because my calling fits me rather well. I am the chorister for the Relief Society! Good thing it isn't to far outside my comfort zone but it will still be a new experience! I'm excited for it but slightly nervous.
School starts this week for me and next week for Tommy! Its crazy how fast time goes! Hopefully we can still function when we both have homework loads and work! It will be interesting! Sorry the post is so long just had to play the catch-up game :) Have a wonderful week all!!


  1. You'll do awesome! Good luck with school! It's a way fun and hard time! :) I miss you guys! but I'm glad you had fun in Disneyland (and I'm still a little jealous :))

  2. It's so weird to here you say hubby even though I witnessed your wedding. Happy for you guys! We need to do something soon

  3. You did have a wonderfully beautiful wedding and reception! And watching you open the presents was one of my favorite parts :) Honeymoons at Disneyland are the best ever (Eddie and I went there too) :) I love that you call Tommy hubby, so cute. You'll be awesome in your new calling, the sisters will all LOVE you! it's the perfect fit! xoxox