Monday, November 14, 2011

21 Years of Life

So I'm copying my dearest friend Melissa John. She recently had a birthday and posted things about the past year of her life. My birthday was yesterday and I am going to tell you 21 things about the last year in my life.

1. I can't live without blankets, I have known this all my life but in the past year, not being able to control the heat/air in my house I learned how dear blankets are to me. I happen to have one large tote and one small tote of blankets.

2. I HATE moving, in the last year I helped move my mom(into a third story condo mind you) and Tommy and I moved into his parents house.

3. It is almost impossible to watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy without crying.

4. Having a clean car, and i mean extremely clean, is like a new awakening in life. Super Sonic Car Wash in Orem is a gift from heaven.

5. Dream perfume from Gap will always be my favorite sent no matter how hard I try to find a new scent.

6. My brother Bridger is a stud, he doesn't realize it but he teaches me so much and I completely look up to him.

7. I am no where near being ready to be a mom. Sure I love babysitting and being around kids but 24/7? No way!

8. I love being an Activity Day leader. My girls are so cute and I love being an example to those girls. I also get to come up with fun crafts for them :)

9. Dr. Aznar, my Chiropractor saves my life, literally, if I miss appointments with him I can't get out of bed, especially now that I work at Xpedx and am lifting a lot.

10. I miss PGHS Chamber Choir so so so much! I wish I could just go back to that class!

11. Waking up at 7 in the morning for work, KILLS ME. I am so not a morning person.

12. I have come to appreciate the art work that goes into video games. I have watched my husband play many video games and when the game is made great it can actually be fun to watch.

13. Disneyland is the best thing to be able to look forward to!

14. I am addicted to way to many TV shows
*Grey's Anatomy
*New Girl
*The Office
*Teen Mom
and now thanks to my mother-in-law
*Once Upon a Time

15. I love seeing my friends get married and seeing how happy they are! I have a lot going through that stage of life right now.

16. As much as you love a place you work at if it is causing harm to your body it's not worth it. Even if it's hard to leave.

17. Families are so important. You have to love everyone no matter what and you can't get through life with out them.

18. My sisters and I could totally be caterers for real.

19. I learned I can pull off a pixie cut but I'm ready to go back to my classic bob.

20. My fashion sense is better and I'm branching out in my styles.

21. A year and 3 months ago I made the best decision I could have ever made and married my best friend and the perfect man for me!! He is so good to me and spoiled me on the 21st birthday by getting me my very own kitchen-aid mixer!!

I am blessed to be who I am and to have the family and friends that I do! Thanks to everyone that has been a part of my life, through all the good and bad moments!


  1. My mom got me and Tony hooked on Once upon a time too!! And it stinks because we have to watch it on hulu in our little computer room with no comfy chairs!! Yesterday I tried to lay on the floor with a blanket and pillow, so not comfy! Darn her and her excellent shows!! I still can't figure out who the sherif is...

  2. 21 marvelous things to have learned :) Thank goodness for you and your patience with your video playing husband! and thank goodness he had the smarts to marry you to make you a part of our family! Hope this next year is one of magic and joy for you xoxoxoxoxo