Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I just finished watching the final episode of Glee. This show is so amazing and I have thuroughly enjoyed watching this season. The characters are fabulous and they all have rediculous voices that I love listening to!! Each episode is so unique and there is always a twist that is crazy! The costuming for their performances is beautiful and sometimes hilarious!
The final espisode was so beautiful! I cried so hard in the episode. There were two reasons I was crying

1- Because I have watched the entire season I am attached the the characters naturally. All of the characters were crying therefore I was crying, and their singing was so powerful!

2- Hearing how incredible their voices are and the power in their music made me cry. I miss singing like crazy! Performing and singing was my life last year and now I don't sing ever. Singing is such an outlet for me, when I'm in my car or in the shower I belt it out :) Performing is so fun and I love the adrenaline that I get from it!

Music a universal language that can change the world. The power of music is amazing and I love it!
*Still Hurting- The Last 5 Years* (My favorite audition piece)


  1. YEAH!! I have someone else who I know that loves glee as much as I do!! I have to watch it on hulu because we don't have tv but I am very much so hooked! I'm extra sad this season is over. You have to let me know when next season starts, okay? I can't miss any of it! :)

  2. yay!! i love that you love it!! I will for sure tell you when it starts! I have tried to get tommy to watch it with me but he isn't to into it haha

  3. Ok, I guess I need to start watching this Glee show. Kira keeps telling me to watch, I've had every intention of watching, but just haven't taken the time. If an episode can make you cry- then I'd better watch. Besides if you'll give Buffy a try, I can try Glee. (I'm worried it will be another "I can't miss" TV) xoxox