Monday, June 28, 2010

Sneak Peak!

On Saturday morning we took bridals/groomals! It was really fun taking all the pictures and Lisa, our photographer/sister, made it a comfortable morning. We went to three locations the first one was the Noni gardens in Orem, a gorgeous place to take pictures! Locations number two was a weird back street in American Fork where we took pictures on my little brothers bike, that one was an adventure haha. The last location was the old blacksmith shop in PG, at this location Tommy wanted us to do serious faces....that doesn't work so well with me I CAN'T keep a serious face! It is actually very entertaining.

I was super excited to see the pictures and last night Lisa sent us a few pictures!! When Tommy and I looked at the first one the both of us said the same thing at the same time, Wow that's really weird! The pictures are beautiful and I am very excited to see the rest of them! This very first picture is my favorite one!

This was actually the very first picture we took! I absolutely love the backround and it's just perfect!!

Picture #2

This picture is in front of the old blacksmith shop. I actually really like this picture! It shows the detail in my dress and the bench we used turned out really cute!

Picture #3

Yes I know our eyes are super squinty (our poor children) This one is also at the Noni gardens, there were a lot of fun locations there and I'm excited to see the rest of them!

Picture #4

This picture is Tommys favorite out of the ones we got yesterday. I really like it, especially that you can see Tommys lime green converse! Yes we are that cool!
As you can see Lisa did a fabulous job and I am very excited to see the rest of the pictures! Thanks Lisa you are amazing!!! Hope you all enjoy the pictures!
*Love Story- Tayor Swift*


  1. These are gorgeous Soph!! :)Im so glad you have a blog!! :) Mine is! I can't wait to see more pictures of you too!! Best of wishes to the both of you!
    sky :)

  2. I love it! You will have Japanese-squinty-eyed children...but your pictures are so dang cute! I can't wait to see the rest!!

  3. I love your pictures! and I love that you can't keep a straight face :) me either! I will love your little squinty eyed kids! It's not unusual for people to think we have Asian blood somewhere back in the family tree! I even had the dr who delivered Brad ask me if we had Chinese blood in the family! HAHAHAHA- They look like smiley eyes to me :) xoxoxox